THE DRIVEN MAN Warranty and Return

Policy: Read before Installation.

The Driven Man makes every effort to provide high quality parts, systems and support for your products. However, due to the custom nature of our products we maintain a very strict warranty and return policy. Please review this policy before installing your parts

WARRANTY: The information below constitutes our entire warranty both stated and implied. By accepting and installing these products you are legally agreeing to abide by the terms of this warranty.

Your new Tremec transmission is warranted against defects in manufacture or workmanship for one year from the invoice date By Tremec. The Driven Man’s 2 year warranty begins five (5) days after the invoice date. The determination of the presence of defects in manufacture or workmanship is at the sole discretion of The Driven Man or its assignees.

Some of the parts sold by The Driven Man are manufactured by other companies and are covered independently by those companies. (i.e. Wilwood master cylinder, Blueprint engines, Centerforce clutches, etc.). The Driven Man reserves the right to inspect any failed parts for defects before repairing or replacing parts. Shipping of parts for evaluation will be at the expense of the customer. If the part is determined to be defective shipping will be credited.

If a part is determined to be covered by warranty it is our obligation to replace or repair the product at our discretion.

Under no circumstances will we refund a customer for the purchase of replacement parts purchased from another company.

Under no circumstances will The Driven Man pay for installation, labor, or R&R. When you hire a third party to install your products you are contracting with that third party for charges incurred for installation. Third party contractors (repair and restoration facilities) are not under contract with The Driven Man and will not be paid for labor, injury, etc… incurred by the use of these products. If you are a repair facility you or your customer is responsible for all costs associated with installation and R&R.

The Driven Man is not responsible for any tool expense, time, injury, or hardship incurred during the installation of our products.

The Driven Man reserves the right to have your transmission repairs done by an alternative TREMEC dealer or specialist. The Driven Man will stand behind this work as if it was completed in our facility and will make arrangements with offsite facility. Written consent must be obtained from The Driven Man before any work is begun by a 3rd party. If written consent is not obtained such actions void the balance of the warranty.

Voiding your warranty: The following actions will make void any and all The Driven Man warranties and will absolve The Driven Man of all legal responsibility for your products:

• Modification of The Driven Man parts without written prior consent of The Driven Man.
• Service of parts or transmissions by an unapproved facility without written prior consent of The Driven Man.
• Partial or complete disassembly of any gearbox or hydraulic slave.
• Use of improper fluids in any of our transmissions or hydraulic systems.
• Breakage due to improper installation or failure to follow The Driven Man instructions.
• Posting of inaccurate or defamatory information about The Driven Man on any public forum.
• Abuse of products or operation of products under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance resulting in product failure.
• The application of more engine horsepower or torque than the equipment is rated for.
• The use of drag slicks not approved for street use. Drag radials will not void your warranty.
• Failure to perform a bell housing alignment.
• Excessive driveline angle.
• Using mounting bolts to pull the transmission into the pilot.
NOTE: This is a list of examples and does not constitute a comprehensive list.


• You may return parts that are in new and unused condition for store credit equal to the purchase price. Returns must be processed within 90 days of shipment.
• Cash refunds are processed with a 15% restock fee to cover the cost of re-packaging, restocking and processing.
• We reserve the right to refund your credit card or remit a check. Shipping is not refundable.
• If the part is damaged during return shipment you will be assessed a damage fee. We will make every effort to send images and descriptions of the damage so you can make a claim to your shipping company.
• Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we process a refund for a used clutch, flywheel or any other part that cannot be re-sold.
• All returned parts must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. One of our representatives will be happy to provide this number by phone.**
Shipping on all returns is the responsibility of the customer.
**If you return a part or system without an RMA you will be charged for the return shipping and it will be returned to you. If you fail to pay for the shipping the parts will be considered abandoned and will be stored for 90-days then disposed of if you have not paid for the return shipping. No return or warranty item will be processed without prior authorization.

INCORRECT PARTS SWAPS: On rare occasions we will mistakenly ship you an incorrect part. This may be our mistake or may be lack of correct information provided about the vehicle. If you need to swap parts you must call and receive an RMA from one of our staff. Parts sent without an RMA will not be processed.

When swapping parts you may choose to:

  1. Pay for the new parts, have them shipped immediately and receive a 100% refund when the incorrect parts are received in new condition for restocking. Parts returned in used or damaged condition will not be refunded and will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  2. Return the incorrect parts using an RMA and have your new parts shipped when the incorrect parts are received for restocking in new condition.

Shipping on Warranty/Returns:

Shipping expenses are always the responsibility of the customer. We can arrange shipping at our cost through UPS or FedEx to reduce your shipping charges, but these charges must be paid before you receive your shipping label. If a returned item is deemed to be covered by warranty then return shipping of the replacement or repaired part will be paid for by The Driven Man.

ENJOY YOUR PRODUCTS: The Driven Man offers more transmission related solutions than any other company and we strive to maintain our reputation of excellence and customer satisfaction every day. Please call us if you have any issues with our products so we can give you the help you need.